Monday, September 16, 2013

Interim Update

Hope all of you have been having a great summer and putting in many joyful running miles.

My running has been pretty good this summer and I have been steadily moving towards a few major goals. But you will have to wait for a future post on those. The purpose of this post is to highlight a couple of upcoming reviews that will be on my sister blog as well as a link to the iRun web site podcast archive. This past summer, July 13 to be precise, I spoke with Mark Sutcliffe about running and the Rideau Trail and Cuba run projects. Please check it out at While you are there have a look at the other archived shows. There is a ton of great info and exciting guests to listen too.

So the two upcoming posts on gear will be for the Skechers GObionic Trail shoe and the UltrAspire Omega running pack. I hope to have the Skechers review posted in the coming week and the UltrAspire review posted in a week or two.