Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hello Out There

It has been a bit of time since I posted a blog so I thought a general update would be good at this point...Unfortunately my not writing regular updates was not because I was out running but rather because of a forced time off the last few months. Yes I haven’t run, well at least not regularly, since the Mad Trapper 50km back on October 26. During that race I twisted or turned in a less than perfect way and reinjured the left hip flexor. This, along with a lot of travel for work left me hobbling around and in pain most of the time (long flights, soft hotel room mattresses, etc..) . The work travel also limited the possibility of getting treatment...well ok that and the fact I am pig headed and figured I would get better from not running. But we all know how that usually ends up. In addition on a run in Vancouver in November, I slipped on a bit of ice and aggravated the hip. It was at this point that the running came to a screeching halt.
Fast forward to January 2014 and a return to the physio’s office. Let me throw in here a bit of a plug for Motion Matters ( This was the third time in 4 years I had to use their expertise. The previous two times had been under the watchful eye of Cindy Thibodeau. Finding a good physiotherapist is like finding a good medical doctor or dentist. It is an absolute necessity to aiding your path to recovery. Having been referred to Cindy by my wife, I had found someone who I trusted and respected.  Unfortunately for this recent injury, Cindy was off starting a family so I was referred to another physio at the clinic. I had my doubts initially because I had really liked working with Cindy. This time I was seeing Kathy McCulloch and any doubts I might have had where immediately removed after about 5 minutes. So with Kathy’s expertise and guidance I was on a quick road back to recovery.
With all this going on I continued my work travel and by the end of January had resumed a bit of running which is where I am today. Not 100% back to normal but certainly on my way there.
The time off running also included another less than pleasant addition to the above. Not running meant that my bad eating habits caught up with me and I was soon back in the 220lbs range...yuck. So not only do I need to get my running form back I also need to work off the added weight.
Many of the early running plans for 2014 still remain the focus for the coming year. I am registered for both Sulphur Springs 50 miler and the Dirty Girls 48 hour races. I still hope to do the half marathon at the Courons Gatineau event in early May. As well I am keeping my eye on the possibility of a 100 miler in late Fall but this one has a lot of “and”, “if” and “buts” including the requirement of finishing my grad studies thesis, so I am not committing myself at this point.
Another recent update was that I have been selected to be a Skechers Canada Ambassador ( Not sure what this will entail yet so will provide more info as it comes along. I can say that I am really excited to have an involvement with a product I really like and use.

A few upcoming posts are in the hopper so stay tuned for those. I promise (again) that the UltrAspire Omega running pack review will get posted soon.....yes I really mean it. In addition I will be reviewing the new Skechers GOrun Ride Ultra’s. I bought these shoes while I was in Vancouver at the Skechers store and I am really really impressed. They are not like any of the Skechers products I have tried so far  and will be running in them during my upcoming Cuba trip. The routes I have planned out for that trip will be a great test for these shoes (and my body). These will be posted over on my other blog

Along with these normal reviews I also want to write more on running long runs alone. The concept of the UltraPedestrian as opposed to the running the vast majority of people engage in.  As well I was toying with the idea of a few articles related to shopping and consumer habits of runners, and even one on the use of iPods. 

So a lot in the works right now. Stay tuned.