Sunday, May 3, 2015

A new year

So yes I am alive, and yes I am still running and yes….well whatever the reason for wondering why my blog has been inactive consider this as my official return to writing, running and everything associated with what goes around in my head on the subject of Ultra running.  

Let’s look at this as more of an update for the winter to date and what is around the corner in May, June and July. It has been an exciting year so far for me and one that has seen a few non-running milestones which include hitting 50 mid-April and finally completing my grad research with the successful completion and defense of my Thesis. These two events have really been important to how my running has proceeded to date and now that they are over and done with it’s ‘On to running!!!’ 

Again for 2015 I am very happy and excited to be part of the Skechers Performance Canada Ambassador program. This was a great honour in 2014 and being given the opportunity in 2015 is even better. 

I also can’t not thank the best little sport store in the Ottawa/Gatineau region La Foulée Sportive for their continued support and assistance. Martin and Alain have not only been great supporters but also friends. And they also carry Skechers Performance shoes like the GOrun 4’s and a few other models so why not drop by and try on a pair.

Back in March I was able to start running on a two week trip in Cuba but heat and a lack of training to that point kept runs to 5km distances although I did get in a few days where I ran once in the morning then again in the afternoon. My best run during the two weeks was a 5km beach run sans shoes…well I know not great to do as an ambassador for Skechers Performance Canada but I did wear the Skechers tech t-shirt so hope that did allow some exposure for the great Skechers products (both performance and casual) that the company has on offer.

Mileage has been a bit of a hit and miss to date but with the start of May I am confident that the first race, the 6 hour Transcendence Event in Kingston June 6, will be a good one. This race is held on the campus of the Royal Military College on an 800m paved pathway. Joanne will be coming along for that race and is also signed up so that will give us an opportunity to run some of the laps together. I am going into that race with a goal of completing the 6 hours with 50km’s.

Following Kingston is the Limberlost Challenge 56km, July 11. This is a 14km trail loop with a few good climbs, lots of single-track and some beautiful vistas. I have done this race twice with one completion and one DNF so I am going in with a real desire to finish the event. Once the Kingston race is done I will settle into trail running training to meet the challenges of this event.

In March I received a wonderful late Christmas gift of Skechers running shoes. Laurent at Skechers Performance Canada is now nicknamed Santa Claus. Merci Laurent!! Along with the pair of GOrun Ultra 2’s was a pair of GOrun 4’s and GOMEB Speed 3’s. It was amazing how quickly I was able to identify races for each shoe. So the plan is to run with the Run 4’s in Kingston, the Ultra 2’s at Limberlost, back to the Run 4’s for the half in Tremblant (A Skechers Performance Canada sponsored race) and then the Meb’s for the September Transcendence (12 or 24 hour) indoor race and finally back to the Run 4’s for the Fall Colors Half Marathon in October or the alternative MEC half.

6 hours
June 6
Kingston Ontario
Limberlost Challenge
July 11
Huntsville Ontario
½ Marathon de Mont-Tremblant
Aug 9
Mont-Tremblant Quebec
Self-Transcendence Ultra Classic
12 or 24 hour
Sept 26-27
Ottawa Ontario
Ottawa Fall Colours
Oct 11
Ottawa Ontario
MEC Gatineau Park Half Marathon
Oct 31
Gatineau Quebec

In my road training so far I have been using the GOrun 4’s and these shoes have not disappointed me one bit. In fact I find the feel of these shoes reminiscent to the original GOrun Ride’s and was delighted that some of the old design was back in this new shoe. But I have to say my shoe of choice for road and trail running has been the Ultra 2’s. This has to be the best shoe on the market. Comfortable, stable, with great cushion but still an ability to feel the surface so that you are more responsive to terrain and lightweight how could a shoe be better? I hear from the little birdies on my runs that Skechers will be coming out with a road version of the Ultra 2’s. I can only imagine what that shoe is going to be like!!!!! This could answer my need for a slightly tougher sole I would need for a trans Cuba run as well as be the perfect shoe for one of my bucket list races the Comrades Ultra in South Africa. 

 As far as this blog I will be putting in updates on training racing and general thoughts on running including reviews of running specific gear on a regular basis. Over at where I have been concentrating on running related product test this will change in the coming months and I will stop posting to that site. I will be starting up a new blog on dealing with more general outdoor pursuits related to bushcraft/bushlore. So stay tuned for that new site as it will have some crossover info with Ultra running and the content of this blog.

Finally if you are in Ottawa during the Race Weekend May 21-14, drop by and see me at the Skechers Performance Canada Booth on Thursday May 21 or at the Foulée Sportive Booth the evening of Friday May 22. 

So that is all for now. Take care and if you get a chance send me an e-mail with any comments, ideas or suggestions. I really appreciate the feedback.